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Uniform Collaborative Law Act at ABA Mid-Year

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

The Uniform Law Commission has removed the resolution regarding the Uniform Collaborative Law Act (UCLA) from consideration at the ABA House of Delegates Mid-year meeting. You can hear Robert Stein, ULC’s delegate, on that decision here (choose Day 1, PM, Report 111C).

I think this is quite appropriate. A lot of good feedback was generated by the resolution, feedback which indicates there could be some revisiting of the UCLA by the drafting committee. But more importantly, there is now more opportunity for discussion and dialog about what Collaborative Law Practice is and how it works.

We’ll see if the UCLA drafting committee will be reconvening. But whether they do or not, there’s still a lot of good work that the rest of us can be doing.

Most of the comments raising sincere concern I’ve heard were not really directed at the UCLA, but at the practice of Collaborative Law more generally. So now there is time and opportunity for various stakeholders to have those discussions, to inform, to share ideas, and to see how the concerns might be addressed.