A Different Way

You have a choice.  Mediation is a different approach.

When we’re in conflict it’s hard to see our way through it.  We get stuck.  Frustrated.

Listening goes out the window.  Conversations become strained.  Discussions deteriorate into threats and ultimatums.  The other person won’t respond.  There’s talk of lawyers.

We like working with others and get along with most people pretty well.  But this is just not working.

Fight or flight seem the only options. We want legal advice, but don’t want the lawsuit that comes with it.  Sometimes it seems best to just cut our losses.

There is another way.  A different way.

You know your situation — and what needs to happen — better than anyone.

You probably do things differently than a lot of people.  You can handle your disputes differently, too.

You know better than any lawyer or judge what it’s going to take to solve the problem.  You know where you need to go.  I can help you get there.  And you stay in control.

Your mediation is focused on you and what’s most important to you.  It’s a different kind of discussion — one that gets you real results and a workable solution — one that’s going to last.

Make Real Progress with a Mediator.

Real progress happens in mediation because it’s designed from the start to reach an agreement.  Everyone is kept on track toward getting to the decision you can all agree on.

The mediation is structured to create a different quality of discussion.  Instead of debating about what a might happen in court, you talk about what’s important to you.  Instead of arguing over legal rights and obligations, you identify your priorities.  Instead of exchanging threats, you exchange ideas.  Instead of weighing what a judge might do, you weigh options.

Many people understand that they do their best work with others.  It’s the same when you’re in conflict.  You can do your best work handling your disagreements by working them cooperatively, too.

But how are you supposed to do that?  How to work things out cooperatively with someone you can barely talk to?  That’s where you need the assistance of a trained, professional mediator.

A skilled and experienced mediator makes all the difference.

Experienced Guidance for Reaching Real-World Solutions.

People can reach productive solutions even when they don’t see eye to eye.  You can still come to your own decision yourselves.

I’ll help you turn the conversation into something productive.  By considering what’s most important – to you and to everyone else involved – you can figure out what it’s going to take to move ahead.

We’re not talking about compromise here — about giving in or giving up.  Mediation isn’t appeasement.  Durable agreements don’t come that way. Sustainable agreements are built.

Sustainable solutions come from collaborative negotiations.  Clear-eyed assessments of the situation.  Squarely facing the problem.  Frank discussions about what it’s going to take to solve it.  Unvarnished appraisals of what’s possible and what’s most important.  Structured exchanges of value.  These are the negotiations that produce durable agreements with real-world solutions.

I can help you get a handle on your situation, create a constructive interaction to build your own sustainable solution.  It can be done.  Give me a call or send me a note.  Let’s talk about it.