Privacy Dispute Resolution Services


Privacy Dispute Resolution Services (PDRS) no longer provides dispute resolution services regarding the privacy policies of certain registered US organizations certified as complying with the Privacy Shield Principles regarding the transfer of personal data of individuals in the European Union, Switzerland, and certain other countries. The Privacy Shield Frameworks were developed by the US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration and were replaced in 2023. For more information, see the Department of Commerce’s Privacy Shield website.

PDRS offered dispute resolution services pursuant to the Privacy Shield requirements for an Independent Recourse Mechanism (IRM). PDRS provides the IRM for investigating and resolving complaints and disputes over registered organizations’ compliance with their privacy policies and with reference to the Privacy Shield Principles. For more information regarding the Privacy Shield requirements for IRMs, see Principle 7, Recourse, Enforcement and Liability and Supplemental Principle 11, Dispute Resolution and Enforcement (a-c) and (d-e). Dispute resolution services under the Privacy Shield are provided free of charge to individuals.

If you are an EU or Swiss individual and have a Privacy Shield complaint or inquiry regarding a US organization registered with PDRS, please contact We will contact you and provide you with information needed to file your complaint, about how the dispute resolution procedure works, and notice about our privacy practices. We will work with you and the organization to process your claim and resolve your dispute within 60 days of receipt of your complaint. Possible remedies for violation of Privacy Shield Principles may include: reversing or correcting the effects of non-compliance; future processing by the organization in conformity with the Principles; and that processing of the personal data of the individual who brought the complaint will cease. The range of sanctions includes: publicity for findings of non-compliance; the requirement to delete data; suspension and removal of a seal, compensation for individuals for losses incurred as a result of non-compliance; and injunctive awards.

2022-23 PDRS Annual IRM Report 20230803

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