Private Mediation

Mediation is for you if you want an approach that is:

  • Built on what’s most important to you;
  • Directed toward reaching viable, lasting agreements; and
  • Focused on real-world solutions.

Mediation is for individuals, businesses, families and organizations facing:

  • Business, commercial and contract disputes
  • Elder care, estate planning, guardianship questions
  • Will contests and disputes in estates, probate and trusts
  • Real estate, property and land use disputes
  • Issues in partnerships, closely-held and family-held business

A Different Way. Learn how mediation with the guidance of an experienced mediator is a different way to approach disagreements and reach sustainable solutions.

Read the FAQs about How Mediation Works, Legal Advice in Mediation, and how Mediation and Litigation compare.  And after that, if you still think mediation is nutty and litigation is always better, then read this.